Organic Religion - The Vegan Sustainable Apparel

For a vegan future, a world with a sustainable economy, ecological production, fair working conditions ... love!


The fashion industry is one of the dirtiest industries in the world today. Be it toxic colors, exploitation of local employees, high consumption of water and even more the perverse use of animals.


We want to fight these practices and show that vegan and eco-conscious fashion can be attractive, practical and high fashion.


The future second name is sustainability. The future does not only consist of improving international, economic and scientific advances, but also of nature, environment and animal welfare.


As the only living environment for all beings on earth, for all of us, this planet, considering an unavoidable overpopulation and acute misuse, as well as a maldistribution of resources, is considered to be unique in its previously known diversity.

We should cultivate our secular home and we can already fulfill this commitment today by starting to live sustainably and as vegan as possible.


Anyone should ask themselves the question, where does that I want to buy come from, how is it produced and which factors influence my purchasing decision?

linda böse & Jil zeletski

pia rahlfs & katharina wandrowsky

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